Beirut AI Community Recap: June 2021

Jul 02 2021

This month was filled with engaging community meetups and valuable experiences from the AI for accessibility hackathon!

There’s always something going on over with the members of the community. Tuesday’s with Beirut AI kicked off for the first time this June as the members got the chance to share insights and get more involved while building strong relationships with each other.

The discussion commenced with exploring some insights about Artificial Intelligence (AI) jobs, and the availability of such jobs in Lebanon. With that, the conversation shifted towards talking about AI in Lebanon and how most of the work goes into data analysis rather than machine learning. Fortunately, Jean-Pierre, one of our members, seized the opportunity and applied for an open vacancy!

Moving further, picking the right path in AI was discussed as it is a very common issue with many members that are nearing their graduation. Helpful tips were provided as we talked about the importance of working and building projects in different aspects while discovering the track to be pursued along the way.

Our first Tuesdays with Beirut AI emphasized the importance of constant learning especially in AI while enjoying the company of the community members on the path. We also got a look at some of the member’s AI projects!

Here’s a sneak peek pic from our members as they share useful insights as well as some funny memes throughout the month:

The hackathon finally arrived, giving teams from different countries including Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, USA, Egypt, Kuwait, India, and Algeria a chance to take part in building a socially inclusive community while working on two different tracks: Assistive Technology and Physical Aids.

Source: Beirut AI | Medium