AINIA Conference on Water Management in the Agrifood Industries

Oct 19 2021

To give visibility to various actions that are being carried out both in Spain and in other parts of Europe related to Circular Economy in the agri-food industry, AINIA, an organization that offers solutions in innovation and technology, organized on September 30 the 4 International Technical Conference: Water Management of the Agrifood Industries where the Water2REturn project was presented. In this event, issues related to the reuse of waste and process waters were addressed; the possible initiatives that the agri-food sector can adopt for sustainable water management or its regeneration and reuse as part of the company’s comprehensive water management.

The current legal and regulatory framework related to the purification and reuse of water in the food industry is of special interest due to the needs and opportunities it represents as a way to improve the sustainability of its management in the food sector.

Within the session dedicated to successful business experiences, Alejandro Caballero, Bioazul Product Manager, presented the Water2Return system, in which compounds of interest present in slaughterhouse wastewater are recovered, for the extraction and subsequent preparation of agronomic products.

Source: Water 2 Return