5 ways to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture

Oct 15 2021

Transitioning to a sustainable food system is more important than ever before. What role does agriculture play and how can the agrifood industry accelerate a just transition?

Agriculture is at the heart of our food system; as our population grows, so too does our dependence on it to feed and nourish us. In order to meet this growing demand, it is estimated that agriculture will need to produce 60% more food globally by 2050 (1).

However, agriculture, forestry and other types of land use are currently responsible for almost a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions (2). This is primarily from deforestation and emissions from livestock, soil and nutrient management (2).

On top of these emissions which contribute to climate change, our global food system is the primary driver of biodiversity loss, with agriculture alone being the identified threat to 86% of species at risk of extinction (3). Current agricultural practices also account for approximately 70% of all freshwater withdrawals globally (4) and are responsible for huge areas of land and soil degradation.

Source: Eitfood News