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  • 5 Benefits Solar Energy Has On The Environment

5 Benefits Solar Energy Has On The Environment

Oct 11 2021

Installing solar energy systems at your home has significant benefits for the environment. It’s the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions. Air quality too can be improved. And there are even benefits for you. There’s the satisfaction of helping the planet. At the same time, you will save money on energy bills.

Carbon emissions are waste gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. Up to 87% of all carbon emissions are released through burning fossil fuels to provide energy for residential properties. The average home produces between seventeen and twenty tonnes of carbon emissions every year. One tonne is the equivalent of driving 5,000 miles.

An array of solar panels reduce the carbon emissions of your home by at least 80%. Solar energy is a green, renewable energy that effectively reduces carbon emissions. And by simply converting sunlight, your solar panels provide your home with free electricity. It’s off-grid power that saves you money on your household bills.

Source: Techie Loops