4th Arab Sustainable Development Week – Opening Session

Feb 22 2022

Access to drinking water (SDG 6) remains as a gap.  In some countries, the water stress level is above 70 per cent, indicating the strong probability of future water scarcity, especially
since population growth causes increasing demands.

On the positive side, progress is being made in ending extreme poverty (SDG1), and promoting affordable and clean energy (SDG 7). Energy efficiency and diversification is a good story, with electricity and gas connection projects, solar and hydrogen-fuelled plants, between Arab States but also in cooperation with others.  The EU does support such networks.  This will not only improve peoples’ lives with cleaner and cheaper energies but will help integrate economies and provide a model for regional stability and peace.

As part of our strong partnership, the EU is working with LAS in a broad or El Hiwar, on a range of topics as gender, employment, energy, environment and human rights, challenges which are hampering sustainable development across the Mediterranean.

Source: EU in Egypt