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  • 2021 and beyond: European solar manufacturing must shine again

2021 and beyond: European solar manufacturing must shine again

Dec 03 2021

Europe has a clear strategic interest in supporting the redevelopment of solar PV manufacturing on the continent – it goes hand in hand with the further expansion of renewables in Europe.

The 2021 semiconductor crisis, and the consequences of undue pressure on the supply chains of our automotive and inverter industries, have taught us one thing: an industry can only develop sustainably with a clear strategic vision for its value chain. The European solar PV market is on an exponential growth curve, set to establish solar as the key energy producer in the next decade. Maintaining that growth will require redeveloping sizeable European manufacturing capacity for innovative technologies, and diversifying supply chains for our developers.

SolarPower Europe envisions 20 GW of production in Europe by 2025 along the solar PV value chain, from polysilicon to modules, moving in coordination with the component and equipment industry, and adapting to the needs of our project developers.

Source: pv magazine International